THP 6 | Botell Volta in English

December 12, 2016

"A form of controlled Airbnb" - this is how Olle Larsson, founder and owner of Sisyfos group, describes Botell Volta - his innovative concept that combines apartment living with the functions of a hotel.

Guests have an option of buying their room, which the hotel can rent out while they are not using it. A good investment opportunity, as a certain level of income is guaranteed.

In another nod to its innovative nature, Botell Volta cooperates with Nitesoft, a forward thinking property management system that in this case also takes care of all hotel functions such as key passwords, communications and check-ins. Listen and find out how Botell Volta is different!

Olle Larsson is the founder and owner of Sisyfos group, they are in the business of renovating old buildings and giving it new functions. Visit their website for more of their projects. 



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